Most of the time he works on hardwood flooring

Bill’s older brother is employed at a professional flooring corporation.

During the day he works on the floor as a salesman.

In the evening, Bill’s brother has a flooring corporation that earns him extra income. Most of the time Bill’s older brother works on hardwood and floor refinishing. But, at times he installs carpet, vinyl, or hardwood. Many times Bill’s brother has projects that include waxing and stripping the floors; Last month, Bill went with his older brother to help with a professional flooring job. They were there to wax and strip the VCT flooring. VCT flooring is old, but it doesn’t wear and tear easily. This building has had VCT flooring for the last 25 years. The flooring still looks great because of the care they take. When Bill’s brother goes there to strip and wax the floors, no one can use the ballroom at all that week. The company has been performing the repair for 45 years. Bill’s older brother started doing the floors 6 years ago. Bill went to help him out and he paid him $60. The brothers were there all evening working, and Bill felt good in the morning when his brother gave him the $60. It feels good to put in an even-handed day of work and get paid at the end. There’s a sense of accomplishment that is difficult to describe in any other way. It makes Bill think he wants to have a good job that he can be proud of when he finishes college. Maybe he could even go into the commercial flooring corporation with his older bro.


Floor Restoration