VCT flooring is very old

My dad works for a professional flooring business.

His day job is as a salesman on the company floor.

At night he has a flooring business that he does on the side. Many times dad works on hardwood and floor refinishing, but he can also install carpet, vinyl, or hardwood. There are many times when my dad gets projects that include waxing and stripping the floors. Two months ago, I went with him to help with a professional flooring work. Dad was there to wax and strip the VCT flooring. VCT flooring isn’t as appealing today, but it lasts a really long time. This building has had VCT flooring for the last 35 years. The flooring still looks fantastic because of the care they take. When my dad goes there to strip and wax the floors, this space must remain closed for 7 days. The business has been performing the repair for 40 years. My dad started doing the floors 5 years ago. I went to help him out and earned 80 bucks. Working with my dad was a lot of work, but I felt really fine in the morning when he gave me the money. It feels amazing to put in good work and get paid at the end. I felt quite accomplished when talking with dad about the job. It makes me think that I want to have a fine job that I can be proud of when I get older. Maybe I could even go into the commercial flooring business with my dad.

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