Turns out management was not getting regular HVAC maintenance

For a little while working in the office, things weren’t too bad. One thing that always concerned me was the air quality because we had to work in an enclosed environment with sealed windows because everything was high security. I’m talking about cameras capturing all angles of the workspace because everybody was working with highly sensitive information that could not be leaked. You couldn’t even have a drink at your desk or personal items, especially not phones. I know there were a few complaints about the air quality in the workspace though. Of course, management ensured everybody that the HVAC experts had been changing the air filters regularly and the HVAC system was in great shape. It became apparent this was a straight up lie because the air quality was becoming worse until the cooling system broke down during a hot summer day. Management said the breakdown wasn’t from a lack of HVAC maintenance but rather because the system was unable to handle the workload for cooling the building on such a hot day. Of course, everybody knew management was just covering up for not getting their regular HVAC maintenance. When the HVAC experts were there to repair everything, I heard a few of the professionals complaining that the air filters were entirely clogged and it seemed the system hadn’t been maintained in ages. I hope management learns from this mistake and keeps up with the HVAC maintenance, and they also should be more honest with the employees. If they think it’s okay to lie about getting regular HVAC system maintenance for the health and safety of the workers, it makes you wonder what else they will choose to lie about.


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