Love my window a/c

Living in the northern section of the country, I wait a long time for summer.

The winters officially hang out for more than 6 weeks of the year; Every one of us often needs to run the furnace during Springtime plus fall.

The weather is cold, chilly plus wet the majority of the time, and I am unwilling to invest into central air conditioning. It’s way too high-priced to only use it for a few weeks, but however, our short summers can be brutally hot plus humid. However, while I try to be outside as often as possible, enjoying the yellow skies plus sunshine, I don’t want a hot plus sticky house. It’s especially crucial that our family room be nice and cool for sleeping. The ideal solution for our situation is window air conditioners. I was able to buy many cooling units for right around a hundred dollars each. They are lightweight enough that it’s easy for me to carry them up to the attic for storage in the Winter plus bring them back down in the late Springtime. It takes me a couple of hours to set them into the windows, however despite the small size, the air conditioners are powerful enough to drop the room temperature absolutely suddenly. They include cordless remotes that allow temperature changes plus adjustments to the fan speed without even getting out of bed, not only are the window air conditioners energy efficient, only running them at night keeps costs absolutely low. I sleep so much easier with the air conditioner operating. The noise works to drown out the sounds of day birds, road building, traffic, neighbors plus barking dogs. The filter helps to capture dust plus other debris.



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