What Temperature Should Your Empty Home be During the Winter?

Every year, lots of us leave our homes to spend time with our family members and loved ones during the holiday season.

And when we leave, our houses are usually empty, and some people are gone for a week or more. Typically I leave for a few afternoons, and if you’re like me, you’re constantly wondering what to do with your heating and air conditioning system. Of course, if the home is empty you wouldn’t want to leave the unit running while you’re gone. So you might think that turning the unit off is the best option. Until recently I thought the same, but then our heating and air conditioning serviceman recommended that I decrease the temperature on the heating and air conditioning to about 56 degrees instead of turning off the unit completely. And this is especially substantial if you plan on leaving your loft for weeks or weeks. Adjusting the temperature to 56 or so will not only save you some money, but it could also eliminate troubles like frozen pipes or flooding. If on the other hand, your loft will be empty during the summer season, it is suggested to increase the temperature control to 80 degrees. This too will save some money on your energy bill and it will also prevent the threat of mold and mildew from growing while you’re away from your home. So, the next time you plan on leaving your loft during the wintertime or summertime, be sure to adjust the temperature on your temperature control accordingly. Not only will it save you some money on your energy bill, but it will also prevent any troubles in your place while you’re away.

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