My Partner is an HVAC Serviceman and is Deathly Scared of Snakes

My partner is deathly afraid of snakes, and if he ever sees one he panics and will either run away or freeze in place out of fear.

I have tried to push him into getting some help for his fear of snakes, despite the fact that he has yet to do so.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not exactly fond of the slithering creatures either, but as long as they are not in my personal space I am ok with them. I have touched a snake before, something that my partner could never (and according to him) will never do. Well, the crazy part about this is that he is a heating and air conditioning serviceman, and he has been doing this for over 19 years. So, as you can guess, he has run into his share of snakes at work. In fact, a few weeks ago he performed a replacement for an up-to-date heating and air conditioning system, and when they removed the condenser, a snake was curled up on the concrete pad. Of course, he instantly panicked after seeing the snake and this caused a delay in the replacement. Apparently, it was a poisonous viper and they had to call animal control to capture it. Thankfully, my partner had another heating and air conditioning serviceman with him and he was able to complete most of the outside replacement. My partner’s nerves were too disturbed for him to function efficiently. Hence the reason I would like him to get some help for his fear of snakes. After all, as a heating and air conditioning serviceman, he will need to work outside and will consistently run into snakes while on the job.


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