I am Impressed by the Technology of Those New Wifi Thermostats

My sibling Tara lives in the northern section of the country, and prior to the pandemic, our parents purchased their retirement home in the southern region. They lived in the loft for a few weeks, and shortly thereafter, they took a trip up north for Tara’s birthday. While on that trip to see Tara, the country went into lockdown because of the pandemic. This means they were stuck at Tara’s loft until they could secure safe travel to get back to their home. It took about seven weeks before they were able to return. Thankfully, they have home security with cameras and they also have a smart temperature control unit installed in their home. With the security camera, they were able to see and speak to anyone who stopped by the house. And the smart temperature control allowed them to regulate the temperature inside their home. Smart temperature controls are fantastic, especially in unforeseen situations like that where you will be away from home unexpectedly. Because you can access the temperature control from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection, it makes it simple to adjust the temperature inside the house. On a few occasions, our mom asked our cousin to go to the loft to check the mail and to water her plants. And on those afternoons, our dad was able to adjust the temperature inside the loft while our cousin was there. Neither me nor Tara have smart temperature controls in our homes, but we were completely impressed with the gadget after the people I was with and I saw how convenient they are. And if our parents, who are not that technologically savvy, can figure it out then we all can.

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