Nice heated flooring

I am waiting for my buddy to order me a sandwich and this place is nice and warm with the heat that is keeping us all warm.

I like to see my friends and this guy is giving me some work to do while I am here visiting, which is great because it is giving me some spending money while I am back here in the States for my visit. We just finished working on a job and now we are going to eat some food and I am going to go back home to work. I write HVAC tech articles and have about another hour of work to do before I go to my mom’s house later for a little house party. We are going to have some good times tonight and I am going to have a few of my buddies come by to hang out for a bit. My mom has a fireplace and a good heating system, and we are going to need both of them tonight because the weather is going to get really cold soon. I think tomorrow the low is near freezing and we are going to have to cover a lot of the plants in the yard or they will die from frostbite. I think they make some small heating devices that you can put next to the plants to keep them warm. Another option would be to take them in the house but that could take a long time to do seeing that she has so many plants. It will all be fine though.


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