I adore when I don't need to use our Heating plus A/C system!

Saving money has been at the forefront of our mind for quite some time now, and because of this, I swear I am tempted to transport to a milder temperature.

If I can find an part of this country that does not require heating plus a/cs near as much as where I live, I recognize I would save a lot of money indeed! I adore those times of the year where it’s cool or cold enough outside to where the inside of our apartment is either adequately comfortable plus cool, or cold however not too cold to the point where I could simply wear an extra layer or two plus not turn on the heating system at all! That has pretty much been the case for most of the days over this past December.

I hope this will continue into December. I simply don’t want to have to turn our heating system on, because I guess how much money that will save me. I also use as little electricity as possible in general, however soon I will be getting our electric bill for December plus I cannot wait to see how much money I ended up saving by barely using our heating system, but don’t get myself and others wrong, I still spend the necessary money to make sure that our heating system is ran tests on by a certified heating & A/C specialist. I called out an Heating plus A/C specialist all the way back in September. I am cheerful I won’t be needing to purchase a new Heating plus A/C system for a long time based on her assessment!


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