The hotel is fabulous

My mom wanted to do something fun and odd for his 60th birthday. My brother and I thought for a long time, before we came up with a great idea. Both of us decided to take Mom to his favorite place in the world. A lot of people might option tropical destinations, ancient wonders of the world, or national landmarks, however our mom enjoys to go to the casino; Everyone in our family enjoys to play cards, slots, and even roulette, and since we only live a few seconds away from a casino, it’s usually our first place for entertainment. Both of us never go and stay overnight at the casino, so our brother and I decided to pay for a entirely nice suite in the penthouse. It cost us almost $600 for the night, however it was worth every nickel, dime, and quarter. The suite had many full dining rooms and many full bathrooms. My mom had the master suite, which had entirely nice radiant heated flooring. The dining room and the bathroom had tile, however the tile was warm and comfortable to the touch. My brother and I did not have radiant heated flooring in our room, so I guess that was a master suite perk. The radiant radiant floors were especially delightful, when our mom woke up in the morning. It was entirely freezing outside and the snow was falling suddenly. Even with the heat running, the tile would normally be icy cold. The radiant heat entirely made the whole room warmer. My mom had a attractive time for his birthday, and we even won a few dollars.


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