Working my life away at the furnace dealership?

I couldn’t imagine life without sports or music.

Both of them play a big part in my life and if I had neither of them I would be pressed to find the meaning in a life of just work. But some people do just this, they work all day in the office and then come home for the evening only to do it all over again the next day. And people with small kids have the added responsibility of taking care of them, which only steals more of their precious free time. Their local business becomes their prison, as they work as an HVAC tech or local business owner, and have no energy left at the end of the day. I’m happy that I chose not to work a fulltime job and to have kids because it has given me the freedom to do more things that I love to do. I still do some ductwork repairs on the side and I do my HVAC technology writing each day, but I have a lot of free time to play volleyball and music when I want to. My HVAC rep buddy tries to come play with me but he has kids and is at the HVAC company a lot more than I am, so his free time is a lot more limited than mine. I plan on becoming good enough with music so that I can play in the bars and clubs around town and maybe even in other towns down the road. We would need a good air conditioned caravan if we decide to hit the roads.


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