I did everything the right way

My wife as well as I aren’t experts when it comes to Heating as well as Air Conditioning maintenance, but we do perform our own annual service, but after many years of watching the Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair specialist perform the service, my wife as well as I felt like we could complete the job on our own, then with some helpful online video tutorials, we definitely performed our own Heating as well as Air Conditioning inspection.

We started off by remembering the first as well as most crucial step: turn off the power. Any time that you attempt to disinfect or maintenance any electrical source, you should typically chop the power first, i keep a flat head screwdriver handy, to remove all of the screws as well as fittings. After that, my wife cleans the condensate drain line with warm, bleach water. We usually find some sediment or flakes of scale buildup, but the bleach helps conflict bacteria as well as mold that could be lurking inside of the drain line; Harmful sludge as well as algae can keep the Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit from working at optimum level. We typically check the coils as well as disinfect any dust or debris from them; My wife uses a leaf blower to disinfect the old dry leaves from our outdoor unit. We both walk around the apartment as well as disinfect the dust from all of our air vents, once a year, we remove all of the vents as well as thoroughly disinfect the ducting as well as the vent cover. We also change the air filter, whenever we perform this service. The whole process does not take longer than an hour or two from start to finish. My wife as well as I have been performing the repair at the end of every season, as well as we save money on an Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair appointment.



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