Easy HVAC fix for cleaner indoor air

It’s sort of weird when we think we know something and we end up being completely and utterly mistaken.

  • This happens every now and again to me and I’m always a bit stunned.

It’s not that I think that I’m some sort of genius because that’s just way off the mark. But I honestly thought that any adult knew that the HVAC equipment was cleaning the air. To me, this was simply a given. How could you have indoor air pollution if you had an HVAC unit? It just didn’t make any sense to me. That’s because I sort of put things together in my mind that I decided were commonly held facts. The actual facts are that residential HVAC doesn’t clean the air unless it has some help. I thought that because there was dust and grime on the air filter when I changed it, the HVAC unit was cleaning the air. But the air filters that I was using were merely trapping the stuff that was big enough to hurt the HVAC equipment. To actually improve the indoor air quality, I had to either get an air purifier or an air filter that was designed to trap and remove airborne contaminants. This was stunning news to me and I felt like a complete idiot. But that didn’t stop me from replacing that cheap air filter with a HEPA filter. Now, the HEPA filter is removing more than 99 percent of all the bad stuff which is suspended in the air of my house. Not only am I breathing better, but I’m also strengthening my immune response.


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