Do the basics to save on air conditioning

Wow, what an amazing afternoon it was outside today.

This is truly not a day to be inside the air conditioning. But that’s what so many people do even though it was only 79 today. The sun was out and there were just these perfect puffs of clouds that lazed along in the wind. It was one of those days. And yet, I know there are buddies of mine who spent this brilliant afternoon watching a baseball game on the tube. What a waste. Hey, I’m all for hanging out in the central air conditioning of a living room with some sports. But not on a day like this one. This was one of those days where even if I was outside do the Summer prep on my house, I was still outside. Actually, I’m all set for the Summer months. Look at me, it’s late April and I’m actually prepared for once. The air conditioning tune up started the prep back in early March. Then here and there, I’ve been sliding around the exterior of my house patching up spots that my let even a hint of hot air in or cooling air out. Then I made sure that the solar shades were in good shape. I gave them a good cleaning too. During the Winter and into the Spring, we keep all the shades up so we can enjoy the light. But once the peak heating hours start to generate direct sunlight heating, it’s time to pull the solar shades. Then, I’m just ready to program the digital thermostat and let the games begin when it comes to the heat and the humidity.