winter time was relaxing with radiant heating

Okay, so I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I may not get back to my southern roots for a while.

I say this because my spouse and I just built a dwelling and that generally indicates that we’re staying put a while, however my associate and I live north of the Mason Dixon line and so that means there is winter time weather that comes in the form of lots of freezing temperatures.

There is some snow and ice as well. But it could be worse. My associate and I could live much further to the north and deal with a winter time that’s six months long. I can’t imagine being trapped inside a dwelling with the gas heating system going for six months. So I count myself blessed that this southern boy at least doesn’t have to do that. Still, I miss being barefoot in the winter time and wearing shorts and a shirt most days. That’s the way I grew up and I still miss it. But we’ve established a life here and that’s something that I’m good with. However, I just enjoyed the best winter time I’ve ever spent here and it’s all because of our new house. My associate and I have a geothermal heat pump in this house. This sort of heat pump extracts heating and cooling energy from the near constant temperature of the earth. And in the Winter, that heat energy is transferred through copper pipes underneath the floors. This is radiant floor heating and it’s the absolute best heating method I’ve ever experienced; Plus, it let this southern boy walk around barefoot in his house all winter time long.