She was throwing rocks at the AC unit.

I came apartment from toil to see my child throwing rocks at the a/c unit.

  • The first thing I thought was to send her butt into the apartment as well as punish him.

This wasn’t the first time she got bored as well as thought throwing rocks was the right thing to do. Then, I wondered where her sister was. She was supposed to watch her younger sister while I worked. My oldest child was a senior in private school, as well as her sister was only eight. She wasn’t old enough to be enjoying himself. I told my youngest to get inside as well as then I called my oldest. She came downstairs, with her girlfriend behind him. I told her to go home, which made my oldest angry, although I didn’t care. She was not to be there when I wasn’t home. I then asked if she knew where her sister was. She shrugged. It told him she was in the backyard throwing rocks at the AC unit. She shrugged again, which had me quite angry. I brought her sister into the kitchen, as well as asked why she was throwing rocks at the a/c unit. She told me her sister had told him to get out for an hour, as well as she knew she wasn’t allowed to leave the yard. The rocks were in the driveway, as well as she couldn’t throw them at the house, so she threw them at the a/c unit. I looked at my oldest as well as asked what was so important she had to chase her sister out of the house. She blushed as well as I knew it was time to get a real babysitter for my youngest.

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