Two days of cooling technology work

I have just two more days of work and then my job will end and I will look for another one.

I don’t have a lot of bills, except for this nagging Paypal bill of $800.

That doesn’t sound like much I know, but now they are tacking on $155 a month in interest charges because I didn’t pay it off in time. So I need to find a solution because I don’t have the money now to pay it off. I will just pay the minimum of $40 but they are going to tack on another $155 then. Heating and cooling equipment purchasing is how I got into debt and now that little a/c system in my bedroom could cost me an arm and a leg if I don’t pay it off soon. I may have to bite the bullet before next month and take some of my investment money to pay it off. My climate control system is great now but it is stressing me out on how to pay the darn cooling system off. I will figure it out as I always do, but come on Paypal that is a bit extreme for an interest charge don’t you think? Last year I got money from dads HVAC business and Paypal charged me $8000 in fees for buying the cryptos on their platform, which is basically robbery if you ask me. Oh well, you have to let go of what is no longer yours or you could go nuts thinking about it. My cooling supplier taught me about that.


a/c rep