Keep your cool like an air con system

I have learned a good life lesson.

The less you think and worry about your situation the better off you are at solving it. One reason for this is you spend a lot of energy and get tired if you think and worry too much about something. Another reason is you can come up with solutions easier when you sleep well and not dwell on the problem. You will be better off just staying in the moment and letting the solution come up without forcing it. Just take the steps needed to solve it and you will be set. Cooling system repairs can get tricky, and if you are not sure what to do next as an HVAC technician then it is best to step back and distance yourself from the problem so that a solution can come into focus. My issue now is finding a new job next month, so my solution is to go play volleyball and have fun. I know some other HVAC workers who play ball and just hanging out with them will probably help me in finding a solution to this issue. Maybe the one local contractor who plays ball will have an HVAC rep opening, or maybe they will know some other heating and cooling corps looking for a worker like me. I know there are tons of jobs out there so I am not too worried about it. I also have emergency HVAC system repair funds set aside that would float me for about a year, so that is good for cooling down the worried thoughts swirling around my mind.

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