Life lessons from a heating professional

I am not one to try and tell you how to live because I am still trying to figure it out myself.

  • But there are some things I have learned from all the mistakes I have made over the years.

One thing I do know is that life is for living and trying new things, and trying new things can get you into a pickle now and then but you usually learn something from it. I have not led a boring life by any means and living that way has taught me a lot of tough lessons. My cooling and heating corp where I work has also taught me a lot about the HVAC systems world and how it all works. I guess if I could give you any life wisdom it would be to stay calm and try to be in the present moment as much as you can, even when things are heating up around you. Keeping calm when your HVAC system breaks down will keep you cooler and will also help you find the right solution much faster. I was an engineer working in the high tech world in Silicon Valley and keeping calm was necessary with the high stress job I had. We built space heaters and geothermal heat pumps and you had a lot of paperwork and meetings that went along with the job, and keeping calm under pressure in the HVAC system industry was a must or you would lose your mind. My life is a lot simpler now as I am no longer in the industry and am happy for my choices.

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