Last hot water heater to repair

I am done tomorrow with my work for my current employer and am going to switch gears to seeker mode again and find another gig working part time.

  • I don’t want to work too much though because my band is going to start playing three times a week so we can earn more money that way.

I think I can pull in $500 a month playing some gigs here and there, and then I have another $600 coming in each month from some other part time work I do. My bills are about $1150 a month for cooling and heating costs and rent. I could trim down about $100 a month by cutting out some monthly memberships and whatnot and then be down to about $1000 a month in bills. HVAC tech work pays me some too so I think I will be fine with money once I find some more heating and cooling repair jobs. I have to work on one more job tomorrow before I am done with my company work. I have to install a hot water heating device tomorrow for a client who owns a local business and then my work is finished. I think I have enough money to last me six months if no job was to be found, but there are a ton of ways to make money online now and I think I will find one within a week or so. I can also talk to the new contractor in town to see if he needs any help with his HVAC systems repair company. It all works out somehow.

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