Five degrees of cooling in the flat

Tomorrow I am jumping on the BCH bandwagon as this coin is set to explode over the next six months.

Wouldn’t it be wild if I could live off the interest that my $4000 investment makes? It is possible if this thing runs because it can easily go up 85% in a month.

I will plop my money down tomorrow and try not to touch it for a couple of months, but if I need to pull out a few hundred in a month or so it won’t be a big deal if the thing is on a bull run. Heating and cooling repairs is where that money came from, but not from me and rather the money I borrowed from my HVAC pro brother. He is always bailing me out as he is the rich one who knows how to make money and I am the clown who keeps chasing his dreams. He runs a few local businesses and makes a killing, while I am doing gigs in air conditioned beach bars and clubs trying to make a name for myself. I somehow managed to go from being a local contractor in 2008 to being a drummer and singer in a band now in 2023. Life can really take you for a ride if you have the courage to do so, and that is what I have been doing my whole life. Things are always heating up or cooling down in my world and it feels almost like I am on a rollercoaster most of the time. I wish you luck on your ride too!

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