Keeping your cool when it is heating up out

I have to come up with a way to pay off my $900 credit with Paypal because they are charging me an arm and a leg for borrowing the money six months ago.

Don’t borrow money from them with the credit and not pay it off like I just did because they are charging me $155 each month and making it tough to even pay off the thing at all.

I am going to figure something out soon because I don’t want another $155 hit in a month, so I will probably have to sell some stock to pay for it. HVAC work keeps me busy but I don’t want to fork over all my heating tech work to Paypal each month. It seems crazy they can charge me $155 a month for only a $900 loan, which I actually owe $800 before they tacked on that charge this month. I could buy HEPA filters and all sorts of cool HVAC technology with that money instead of putting it in some rich CEO’s pocket. But I guess the poor guy needs my help in paying for his Lambo each month, after all he only has six other cars to his name. My local contractor friend went through the same thing with them and told me he stopped using them for his local business because they charge so much in fees for using the service. I will find a solution to this and get it paid off within two months max, but it is too bad it came just as I am losing my HVAC worker job!

Cooling representative