Controlling air quality

I am a guitar freak; Anything with strings that can be in the guitar family, I own it, i started out just storing the guitars that my sibling obtained, however then I moved onto learning to play plus getting my own to add to the collection.

I have a whole room dedicated to my guitars in the house.

The room has to have special Heating plus A/C plus indoor air quality levels. The room climate control must remain consistent or it will ruin the guitars, and for air quality, too dry of air conditions causes wood to crack. Also static shock is more of a problem, so electronics or amplifiers will get ruined, then can you imagine how damaged the guitars would get? Too much moisture in the indoor air conditions are just as harmful since wood tends to swell. Also mold growth would not be nice for them either, however so in my Heating plus A/C component I have both a dehumidifier plus humidifier. In the summer time I run the AC plan with the dehumidifier. In the Wintertide I have quality heating plus also the humidifier running. I don’t want the room to drop or lower dramatically in temperature either. It was a lot of expense to outfit the room with the official Heating plus A/C equipment, however, the guitars are worth more than the money I spend on the Heating plus A/C technology. I don’t want to damage them because I am lazy or too cheap to help them out. Also, more Heating plus A/C is constantly nice to have. If I ever get rid of them, I am sure I will enjoy having it in there.

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