Working as a vehicle operator

Ever since I was a young boy, I loved cars, but i loved everything about them, their looks, how they sound, how fast they go and more, but my dad was a vehicle mechanic, and I would rest for hours just seeing him work.

  • It fascinated me, and it never became boring, even the less exciting parts.

I followed in our father’s footsteps and became a vehicle mechanic myself. It was everything I dreamed of, although they way some people worked on their cars saddened me. I regularly worked outside, which, when the weather is nice, is a wonderful thing; But at a single point, when it was in the middle of winter, toiling outside in the cold wasn’t much fun, then at that time, I was toiling on a nice lady’s air conditioning. I noticed that it needed air conditioning repair, and I worked away at it. It was absolutely cold outside, and I was beginning to shiver; The nice lady brought me pop to help moderate me up, which I greatly enjoyed! When I was done fixing her cooling unit, I was finally able to go inside and prefer the warmth of the oil furnace. I loved the furnace for a half hour before another purchaser needed their vehicle to be looked at, and reluctantly, I went back out into the chilling cold to work again, strangely, the guy’s vehicle had a similar issue, except the heating component in her driver’s seat had quit toiling. I fixed her problem and went back inside to wait for the next customer.


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