Postal worker and a/c device

I work in a four-story office building, and my identifiable office is on the second floor! For three weeks now, the elevator has been out of order, and I have to climb three sets of stairs to get to my floor.

It seems like everything is halted because of the elevator, and all of us get no packages delivered.

The package delivery companies – you guess who they are – refuse to supply when they have to climb more than many flights of stairs. If the stairs do not have a/c, then they will not climb even a single set of stairs. At my office building, the stairs are external stairs, so of course there is no a/c. Well, now, the postal worker has decided that she will not supply the mail, either. At home, I wouldn’t care so much, however most corporations in this country still rely heavily on mail. But she says of the other people won’t climb stairs that have no cooling system, then she shouldn’t have, either. I completely understand, to a certain degree, although I do believe the postal worker should come upstairs, with cooling system or not, at least twice a week. All of us are a member-based organization, and if the two of us don’t receive their membership dues, their membership benefits stop. If the worker won’t climb the stairs because of no cooling system, then I are losing money, and the members are losing benefits. Those un-air conditioned stairs are a pain in the neck. I can’t wait for the elevator to be operational again! Then, the two of us will have mail delivery, water delivery, and the whole way up and down will have a/c!



Cooling specialist