They truly need to do something about the weather conditions control in our church

I have been going to church with our family as of late.

The church is a entirely wonderful environment for the most part, & I find all the pictures in the glass to be truly attractive. They have pictures of numerous saints & of Jesus Christ. It’s fantastic to be in church to keep up with the numerous teachings of the Bible, & I’m thrilled that I have been attending lately. The only thing that bothers myself and others is the weather conditions control system in the church. The weather conditions control system seems to be entirely lacking. The air quality is constantly a bit off as it tends to be overly humid inside the church building. They constantly have fans running around the church, despite the fact that I don’t know fans are anything compared to a usual weather conditions control system. I wonder if their weather conditions control system has broken down, & they can’t afford to have it fixed by an Heating & A/C business. Or perhaps the weather conditions control system is too outdated & needs to be updated altogether. If that is the case, I haven’t heard anything about it. They didn’t say anything about getting a current weather conditions control system when they go around with the collection plates either. I know it would be a wonderful system if they chose to ask people to donate for that cause, I would truly want to donate a wonderful amount of money if I knew the two of us could all be a fantastic deal more comfortable in the church. I know I am going to have to talk to a single of the priests or deacons about this matter.

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