Ideal A/C at the amusement park – why can’t I have that at home?

Last month, our partner and I took our son to this awesome amusement park near our house, and the trip was long overdue, however man am I paying for it as far as spending was worried, then see, our partner and I chose to go to this park in 1 of the hottest months of the year.

To make matters even more complicated, the park was at capacity by noon! With so several people in the park with us on such a boiling and humid day, it was hard to find any indoor spaces that were cool and comfortable – and not packed like a can of sardines; Finally, our partner and I found this locale inside the park where you could rent out a little lounging space by the hour.

The locale was kept cool by its own ductless mini-cut a/c unit, which made the air quality in the lounge much better than anywhere else in the park. To sweeten the deal, the lounge had free wi-fi, and also had complimentary charging ports that were compatible with almost any phone used this week. The only negative? The lounge cost me almost 1 hundred dollars to rent by the hour! It was worth it though. Together, our family and I was able to relax in the cool A/C, as all of us felt blasts of chilled air on us and napped in a cool dark room. The only thing that could’ve made the room better was an media air cleaner, as the air quality still had a certain smell that reminded me of a sweaty man. The lounges were right next to each other, so there was only so much to be done if almost everyone else smelled bad!



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