Home gym is much more HVAC comfortable

I knew when I signed the membership contract that I was making a mistake.

  • I have never been a gym sort of guy.

The program of exercising with a bunch of strangers was just not something I was ever comfortable with. I hated all the dripping with sweat and the completely overwhelmed HVAC that could never keep up. So, I spent most of our life getting exercise by going for bike rides, long walks and playing activitys with friends. This was a much more satisfying way of staying in shape. But then, I got older and I didn’t join in on the games and the hikes love I once did. My fitness level took a huge hit and I was just plain out of shape. It became ever evident that I would need to be getting correct exercise where I wasn’t hammering our joints. My partner pleaded with myself and others to join a gym so, I begrudgingly obliged. Yet, I was met with the same hate of the gym atmosphere as I was back in the afternoon. The HVAC was still insufficient and I loathed exercising with strangers even more. It didn’t last all that long before I opted out of the gym membership. However, I wanted to continue with the exercise. So, I called the HVAC boys and asked them for their help. I wanted to be able to turn 1 of the spare rooms into a home gym. But, I wanted to be able to control the heating and cooling for that room independently from the others. With a few tweaks of the existing HVAC, they were able to provide myself and others with zoned control heating and cooling. I now have our own control component in the home gym.

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