I can take a look, but I don't know if it will help

One time, I rented a room from a guy who I would call a slumlord.

The room I paid for was $125/week plus I took it because it was all I could afford as a minimum wage employee who was also a single mom of a 1-year-old.

The guy seemed nice, despite the fact that I later realized he was not a good person, but long story short, there was a pipe that busted in the wall plus caused a water leak that flowed underneath my floor plus soaked my carpet in my room. My cooling system had a lot of issues plus I seemed to struggle to keep my room at a comfortable temperature… What does humidity plus moisture make? Mold. Mold started growing all over the room plus the odor was just horrible. I asked time plus time again for the cooling system to be serviced or replaced before this happened. A window equipment does not cost a lot to replace if needed, however this guy was not sparing any expense. I refused to pay my rent until the mold plus air conditioning was fixed, thinking it would light a fire under his butt, despite the fact that I was wrong. He decided to be spiteful plus take out my air conditioning equipment entirely. Now I was left to live with my 1-year-old child in a moldy room with no air conditioning while it is 98 degrees on an average morning. I lived here in these conditions for about a week plus still nothing changed. I could not afford to go anywhere else plus I had no friends plus family to stay with so I had to deal with it until I could find anywhere else to go. I ended up getting my own air conditioning equipment to install in the window. Once I turned it on plus felt the cold air blowing, I was so happy, plus I cleaned up all the mold myself plus was able to live comfortably until I found anywhere else to live. I could finally sleep with my child plus not be dripping with sweat through the sheets.


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