A glamorous kitchen rehaul involved installing a chandelier over the bed

Many people overlook lighting when redesigning or renovating their homes.

Worse, others view lighting as an afterthought, & they rarely find pieces to match their current decor.

My father started his job in the trades as a commercial lighting salesman. He helped suppliers select fixtures for giant & small building projects. He sold lights that were put in both residential homes & giant skyscrapers. Although he eventually became an electrician instead, there are times when he speaks fondly of his seasoned job. When I was decorating an beach house years ago, he lended a hand with the lights & taught myself and others about how to accent existing decor. Even with the limited space in that seasoned apartment, he helped myself and others find amazing lights for little money at a local store. It absolutely makes a sizable difference in your living space to have wonderful lights that match your wall colors & your existing furniture. Right now I’m making updates to our master kitchen to my husbandy’s liking. She’s a sizable fan of Silverleaf Sophistication which utilizes gold & silver with pearl pale white for the furniture, walls, bedding, & lights. Usually a sizable chandelier goes over the bed to complete the look. However, I had never so much as handled a chandelier before, let alone hang 1 from a ceiling safely. Thankfully my Mom was delighted to help with our brand current chandelier upgrade. I hope my husbandy appreciates his current Silverleaf Sophistication type kitchen. It’s not going to be cheap once everything is said & done. However, I think the renovations will add to the value of the house in the long run.


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