The guy sets up appointments for me

Recently, I had a loud, disturbing sound coming from the cooling system in my house

I’m the first to admit, I’m not very good at being an adult. I think I lost a lot of my maturity back in my teenage years. I don’t want to say that I did too much partying growing up, but my brain definitely has not adjusted to being a real grown up. This is why I am always taking as much help from the people around me as possible. I realize that they know more about adult responsibilities than I do. I’m glad that my neighbor is one of the most responsible adults on the planet for this reason. He has been most helpful in every air quality control effort I’ve made since I have moved into this house. See, I don’t know the first thing about Indoor air temperature control systems. I don’t understand indoor air quality control, or HVAC maintenance. I can tell you that I’ve never hired an HVAC technician or performed my own routine service. And it’s because no one ever taught me about servicing a furnace or air conditioning system. As such, I don’t know anything about modern temperature control devices as an adult. This is why my neighbor is a godsend. He knows when I need HVAC appointments before I do. Recently, I had a loud, disturbing sound coming from the cooling system in my house. The thing was perpetually creating uneven temperature throughout the house, but I didn’t know what to do. I mentioned the temperature problems to my neighbor one morning and was shocked when he said that he already called an HVAC technician for me the day before, after hearing my AC system struggle. Bless my neighbor, he’s a better man than I.

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