It’s not okay cheat on someone

I suspected my bestie was having an affair with her boss for months, however she told me that I was crazy! She came up with excuses for being late and I couldn’t exactly prove my theory, but my bestie was acting entirely unusual and she was being secretive.

And I begged her to tell me the truth, however she kept on lying instead; yesterday, I found out the truth in the most unofficial way.

I got sent to a hotel downtown to help with an HVAC problem. It was my first time going to the hotel and I got lost in traffic. I was almost a minute late getting to the building. If I had been on time, I would still be in the dark. Instead, I arrived right as people were starting to check in to the hotel. My bestie was standing in line at the hotel to check into a room. I couldn’t believe my eyes at all. I walked right over to her and demanded to feel why she was there. I tried not to raise my voice since I was still in my HVAC repair uniform, although I was angry and it was hard to control my temper. My bestie tried to come up with an excuse, however her boss came over and put his arm around her, but he asked if the guy in the A/C uniform was bothering her. Obviously this guy knew nothing about her personal life or me. I did not bother to say another word. I finished with the HVAC repair at the hotel and went home. I packed up everything that belonged to Sara and I left the boxes on the front porch that night.

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