When “cheap” doesn’t quite fit the bill; duct and cover your repairs elsewhere.

During the height of his professional career, do you think Michael Jordon would have promoted a line of “cheap” footwear when his entire career was resting on the Achilles heel? Swish and swoosh, I think not, Nike.

That’s why as a former firefighter, I recommend an HVAC provider who doesn’t advertise with offering “Cheap dryer vent cleaning” or “Discount Chimney Vent Vac”. Approximately 92 % of home fires start with a clothes dryer with only 23 % of that being blamed on flammable clothing or fabric. The rest is caused by lint obstruction. The same with creosote and chimney liner duct work. A properly certified HVAC service provider can handle the repairs, cleaning and maintenance and even service your AC and furnace at the same service call, saving you time, energy and money too. While you wouldn’t think of service your dryer vents during a hot summer day, you do rely on your duct work for other reasons. Circulating the air flow keeping humidity at bay, switching out filters to keep allergy and pollutant air borne dust outside, and keeping up a great working relationship with your HVAC service technician. Any HVAC provider worth their word will not lower their standard by cutting corners on your safety standards and should you run across any fly by nighters, be sure to bring it to attention to the proper business standard monitors. If your HVAC, service installer, furnace repair and air conditioner inspector can’t provide proper credentials, don’t take the risk with your home and family’s safety. Your dryer vent ducts should be cleaned with every general service call, more if you live in climates where a dryer is used frequently. Need a good recommendation for dryer vent cleaning providers? Check out the local laundromat and make note of who they use.

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