You need to be careful with it

When doing renovations I consistently do everything I can to keep as much original as I can.

  • Some things have to be substituted or modified despite the fact that I try to maintain as much of the original suppose as well as look at each home.

Buildings have personality, so you don’t want to fool around with that very much. If the locale is that much of a wreck it needs a total gutting then I just pass easily on the project. I appreciate giving facelifts, so to speak, not a complete transplant of the whole home. When it comes to actually outdated buildings, there is often a huge concern with the heating as well as cooling system. First of all I have to say outright that when it comes to gas furnaces, these outdated buildings regularly have some of the best you will ever see. Back then people wanted a whole new gas furnace they could rely on for their whole life, as well as some of these expensive things are outdated tech but still work great, but cooling systems are a far different story, because new Heating as well as Air Conditioning cooling tech has evolved so fast. There are systems that are 12 or 15 years outdated that still work for people, but in general I see a lot of cooling systems that have to be substituted every 10 years! Nine times out of 10 I think my renovation projects involve the cooling proposal to some degree, as well as that is just a section of the work. I have a dedicated team of Heating as well as modern Air Conditioning techs who consistently handle that section of the work, but I don’t appreciate changing what I don’t have to.


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