Nutritional counseling and group fitness classes to improve health

Nearly once per week, I end up violently sick to my stomach.

I often suffer bouts of bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Going out to eat at a restaurant is always a stressful venture for me. I take beano to prepare for the meal, but I usually get sick anyway. I recently bought an in-home allergy test to determine which foods irritate my stomach. I learned that I can’t digest eggs. I also have a tree nut allergy and am overly sensitive to dairy. How frustrating is that? That eliminates a lot of food possibilities. Plus, I am a vegetarian. I can no longer eat meat, seafood, eggs, nuts, yogurt, milk, cheese and all the many other dairy products. I am careful around soy. What is left for me to eat? I am lucky that the local gym offers nutritional counseling. Most people sign up for this service in order to lose weight. They combine a health and workout program to achieve weight loss. I just need someone to design a meal plan that provides sufficient vitamins and minerals without making me sick. I spoke with a nutritionist one time and already feel a bit better. She provided some vegan recipe suggestions that sound pretty good. I now buy things like spaghetti squash, kale, jackfruit and avocados. Those are all products I have never even tasted before. I hope they are easy on my stomach. I have also signed up for a fitness class at the gym. I hope that working out might improve my health. It couldn’t hurt to concentrate on my physical well-being. Maybe if I workout and watch what I eat, I can avoid getting sick to my stomach every week.

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