Giving the neighbor a hand with the HVAC routine

Our lovely neighbor lost her husband fairly recently.

This was such a sad thing but something that all partners eventually have to face. This kind lady left for a while to stay with her daughter. But after half a winter with all sort of gas furnace HVAC heating to contend with, she moved back home. We have a very mild winter here and our real HVAC concern is the summer when we need a steady dose of HVAC cooling in order to survive the summer. Now that she’s back home, my wife and I are making sure to check in on here and help her to transition to taking care of the place on her own. The house isn’t really too much for her, it’s just there are things that she didn’t know about. One of the things that her husband always handled was the HVAC stuff. So I went over there to just sort of show her the HVAC equipment and what was what when it came to her HVAC unit. I showed her where the HVAC air filter was. She was able to change it herself as it wasn’t the sort of HVAC air filter that required a step stool or a ladder. I also showed her that all the air vents for the ductwork needed to be open and unobstructed. Finally, we called the HVAC company together to sign her up for the HVAC service plan. This way, she doesn’t have to remember to call for the seasonal HVAC maintenance. It’s been a good experience for us to reach out to this kind lady. And she’s really doing well living on her own thus far.


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