Should have added HVAC to the garage long ago

So I fell back in love with my garage during the pandemic.

  • It’s one of the few positives that came about due to the pandemic.

One of the other parts that I ended up loving was having my family all together in the HVAC safety of our home. I thought it was going to be a nightmare but it turned out to be a very special experience that I’ll never forget actually. When I got sent home from the zone controlled HVAC of the office, I knew this was not going to end well. Luckily, both my wife and I were able to keep our jobs but we also had to take pay cuts for the first year. But cutting costs isn’t too tough when you’re cooped up inside the quality heating and air of your own home. And we got accustomed to working and studying from home. I was amazed by the way we all sort of came together and just showed a lot of patience, respect and compassion to one another. It was awesome. But I also found out that I needed a bit of time to myself as well. That’s where the garage comes in. When we first moved into this house, I was always puttering around in the garage. Yet, as the kids aged, the garage became a cluttered junk room and I couldn’t even get to my little workbench. So I got my kids and wife together for a Saturday to clean out the garage. Once it was cleaned out and I spent the next few weekends organizing it just so, I had the HVAC professionals install a ductless heat pump. Now, I can putter around in the garage no matter what the season or the temperature thanks to a ductless heat pump.

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