Simply too excited for new HVAC unit

My reaction to getting a new HVAC unit was a bit surprising.

Normally, unless it’s a new car or some sort of special vacation, I’m not all that overwhelmed.

But man, I was a bit goofy over the idea that in just a few short days we’d be getting the best residential HVAC we could afford. And honestly, there weren’t that many other more expensive pieces of HVAC equipment we could have gotten. But I think a lot of the excitement of that week came from the fact that we’d spent a lot of time preparing for the new HVAC unit. All in all, I think it was really close to a year from the time that we realized that we needed to start talking with the HVAC contractor. Plus, we were kind of thinking ahead as we have one left in college and then we’re selling this big house. If I don’t do it sooner. But we wanted to be sure that we didn’t skimp on HVAC technology. We wanted the latest and greatest when it came to the quality heating and air in our home. That’s exactly why I was so amped like days out from the installation. Finally, the day came and I actually left work. I showed up early to do some work inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office. But I was headed home as soon as I got the text from my wife. It was worth the show of leaving early to just see them put that stuff in and then get the hands on lesson from the HVAC contractor. I’m still sort of swooning.



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