HVAC Tech’s recommendation

As an HVAC technician, I get asked questions about heating and cooling by all kinds of people.

Heating and cooling is one of those things that if you are not knowledgeable in the field, you probably don’t know much about your heating and cooling system.

It is a specialized trade, after all. One thing that my friends and family ask me is “What is the best type of heating and cooling system?” I don’t think there is one type of heating and cooling that is necessarily better than all the others, but I usually recommend a ductless mini-split system. Recently, ductless mini-splits have become more and more popular. People love the fact that there is no ductwork necessary, and without ductwork, there can be no loss of heating and cooling due to leaky ducts! But what is really great about the ductless mini-split is that it is extremely efficient and has low operation costs. The system operates through a heat pump, which can both heat and cool the air. It might be a little bit more expensive to install than a traditional heating and cooling system, but the efficiency is well worth it. Another bonus is that the ductless mini-split allows for zoned heating and cooling. I personally love having zoned heating and cooling because I have guest rooms and areas of the house that I frequent less. Whenever someone asks me for a recommendation, I tell them about the ductless mini-split.

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