I hate to argue with my wife

My wife and I have been separated for six months.

  • We tried to work on our relationship for a while, but now it just seems like we are waiting for the divorce papers.

It’s hard to give up on our marriage, because we have three wonderful children together. They are without a doubt the most amazing thing that has ever happened to either one of us. My wife and I love our children very much, but we don’t always agree. When it comes to things like school and friends, we regularly don’t see eye-to-eye. My daughter has been spending a lot of time with a boy that is 18 years old. My daughter is a senior in high school and capable of making her own decisions. Unfortunately, this kid is bad news. He comes from the wrong side of town and his family is a mess. His dad has been in and out of prison 6 times and his mom lost all rights to have custody when he was 10. The kid has been in and out of foster care. I don’t have anything personal against that kid. If he made good decisions and had a clean record, I wouldn’t care about my daughter dating the 18 year old. One of my biggest problems is all of the damage that he and his friends did to the air conditioner repair business downtown. I know that the boy was part of the group that vandalized the air conditioner repair business. My best friend was the owner of the air conditioner repair business. I also know that he was involved in a number of other vandalism occurrences in the same Business Park. My daughter doesn’t seem to mind that the kid is trouble, but I do.
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