Need to Replace the Propane Boiler This Week

We have a propane boiler for heating the house and are really pleased with its efficiency, but it has been acting up and we will now have to replace it.

We are going to just put in another one and stick with the propane because it is much cheaper than other means of heating.

I guess solar heating is probably the cheapest but it requires a big outlay of money to get started and we don’t have that kind of extra cash at the moment. I really don’t know much about solar and if it is able to cool down the house too or if you need an alternate means for cooling. I’m sure solar is great for heating the house in the winter, as long as you have some bright sunshine to heat the panels. What if you live in an area that is constantly overcast and gray? I guess it isn’t so efficient in that case and you would need a backup type of heating such as electric heating or something. I will just stick with propane because it has been good to us and our heating bills are very low. We bought a new propane heater from the local business and are waiting for them to come and install it. I don’t mess with things like that because I am not licensed and don’t like doing anything that involves gas plumbing or electricity. I am better with things like painting and drywall repair as I used to own my own painting company for several years. HVAC is a different beast though.
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