The birthday card and AC connection

I finally got our momma a birthday card for her birthday after all of these years. I live overseas as well as normally send her a nice little electronic bday card as well as provide her a cellphone call, but this time I want to send her an actual card as well as show her how much I love her. I messed up never sending her a card but at least I am going to do it this time. I’m just not great at mailing stuff but this time I am going to make it a priority. I manage to scrub our HEPA filter all the time when it is dirty but for some reason can’t mail a card when it is time. It certainly just comes down to laziness, which I am obviously guilty of over several years, but now realize an overwhelming desire to send her a card this time. Dad worked in the competitive Heating as well as Air Conditioning industry as well as taught me a lot about it as well as he definitely has been such a passionate partner. I love mom and I want her to know it on this big birthday she has coming up. She probably won’t be around forever as well as 1 day I’ll wish I had 1 more opportunity to mail that damn card. I work here at the local Heating as well as Air Conditioning supplier during the week. I know I am seeing that life is passing by the older I get as well as it becomes more and more special in these later years. Maybe I’ll send her a HEPA filter as a gift!


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