Struggling to get my furnace repaired when I’m always on the go

When I first became an outside sales representative for my employer, I thought I found the golden ticket to a high income job that didn’t require a four year degree.

  • I also believed that I could easily keep my home tidy and clean as an adult, and you can probably guess how that one turned out.

My point is, there’s only so much that can be done when you’re constantly on the go! Just take my furnace for example. Last year, I had something go wrong with the furnace while I was out of town. A friend was house-sitting for me at the time, and he called me frantic one morning. He was ranting about how the heating system was off, and wouldn’t start back up. I told him not to lose his head, and that I’d call for an HVAC service technician to drop by and make some repairs. The only trouble was, I couldn’t ask my friend to stay in my house for days while the repairs are performed! So, I had to somehow coordinate my own travel days with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning service company. It took weeks to get a date settled, and even then I had to reschedule it! Finally, after a month, the service company was able to come by while I was home for the week. They performed the necessary repairs to my furnace, and the air quality noticeably improved then and there. I was just glad to see the improvement come so quickly!

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