A kickboxing heavy class

I work at a personal training center as a fitness expert. I do classes five days a week. I am certified to do a whole range of classes like yoga, weight lifting, body recovery and even spin classes. I like doing a general group fitness class the best. It is the most fun since I can tailor the class to the people I have signed up. I can make the class as intense as they can handle and I can teach them skills they want to be better at. I have one class of all women and I think it is my favorite. The ladies love it when I incorporate kickboxing moves in class. I am a black belt in martial arts. I started out just having the women doing hand strikes holding one pound weights to tone their arms. I then started giving them leg holds and kicks to tone their butts and legs. The ladies now basically do a full kickboxing class. I have taught them how to break out of chokes, arm grabs and hair pulls. I also have incorporated ground fighting in the class. The women love when I do hand and leg combinations however. Using both hands and feet is good for the overall body. It also is a great cardio workout having the women go back and forth down the mat doing their strikes. I have partners holding pads while the other strikes. Our class runs like a well oiled machine. Everybody is happy and the progress fitness wise has been great.

Personal Trainer