The hotel isn’t sure if the A/C is clean?

When I book a hotel reservation, I usually check a lot of different customer reviews.

  • I look for items like the clean scores, friendly attitude and service scores, and the amenities.

My wife and I are very particular, because we have had a number of bad experiences in the past. When we were young, we didn’t have the internet to help guide us in the search for a nice hotel, in, or bed and breakfast. We had to ask friends or make a blind reservation over the phone. Things are a lot different these days, and there is plenty of available information to be certain that the hotel is affordable, clean, and up-to-date. My wife and I haven’t had a bad experience in some time, but last weekend was an entirely different story. I made a reservation to stay in the city, because my wife and I had tickets to see a Broadway play. We wanted to have dinner, attend the play, and spend a nice evening away from the kids. I booked a place with excellent reviews, but I was flabbergasted by the horrible front counter service. Our AC unit was very dirty, and the air vents were filled with dust and a gooey substance. When I marched down to the hotel front desk to complain, they claimed it wasn’t their responsibility to make sure the AC was clean. They didn’t even offer to switch our rooms, and they claimed that the maintenance staff was already gone for the night. The AC unit was disgusting, and we weren’t going to stay in that room, breathing the awful air. We decided to drive back home and leave them an awful review.


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