Avoiding allergies with the use of HEPA filters

My family doesn’t have the best of luck in the health department.

We have always been a family of people to suffer from numerous health issues and I mean everything from the common cold to different diseases.

It seems like nobody in our family goes on unscathed without having something I suppose we just have bad genetics. However, one of the most prevalent things that we have in our family is allergies. Almost every member of my family has some kind of allergy and it is horrible. The severity depends on the person however it is still not a fun thing to go through for all this. I have always been the type of person in my family to be more of the researcher and eventually after a long day of everybody sneezing I decided to do some research into what we could do to get rid of our allergies. We had already tried many other options but nothing had really stuck. I was really surprised to learn that your health and allergies can actually be tied to your heating and cooling system. I never would have thought of it because the only time I really think of my heating or air conditioner is if something is wrong or if it is hot or cold. However it can also be because of your indoor air quality, I did some deep digging on the internet and I found one of the best things you can use to help prevent allergies is using a HEPA filter. It is specifically designed with tight fibers that are excellent at catching dirt germs and bacteria that would otherwise be in your home and could help aggravate your allergies. After sharing this information with my family we all went down to our local heating and AC business and purchased three of them. We have had a lot less issues since then.


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