My grandma needed heating and A/C in the addition

Even though my Grandma is a retired school professor, she still cares about working.

This is a lady who does a lot of investing plus she’s the owner of a lot of smaller businesses here in town.

However in order to make working more enjoyable, she decided to add a living room to her house so that she’d have more room. Since there was no room in the actual home for an office, she decided to build an addition off her master living room. The construction took forever, however when it was time to care about the modern space, she realized that she never enjoyed working long hours in the office. But it wasn’t because it wasn’t decorated to her liking, plus it absolutely wasn’t a bad view; However, my Grandma was uncomfortable because there was no heat or air conditioning in the room. The building plans never included adding onto the central heat plus air because she didn’t know she’d need it. It wasn’t until she started working in the modern office that she realized how much she needed some air vents in the space. My Grandma didn’t want to endure even more construction, so she started searching for other ways to heat plus cool the new space and this is when she discovered the ductless mini split system. It was an energy efficient way to heat plus cool a small section of the house without needing to affix to the central air ductwork. All she needed to do was hire an Heating, Ventilation and A/C professional to affix it to the electricity, mount it, and ventilate it officially. Once it was installed, she was given a small remote to flip between the heat and the A/C.


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