The Heating as well as Air Conditioning plan in our motorcar has quit working

I was on our way to visit our child plus I was looking at an 1100 mile ride.

My husband had gone over the motorcar before he allowed me to take it.

I had new brakes, an oil change, new windshield wipers plus tires. I also had a full reservoir for the windshield wiper fluid. I was about 400 miles into our trip when the weather began to beboilingand humid. I reached over plus turned on the air conditioner, hoping to rid the motorcar of the humidity. I only had the temperature at seventy, so I didn’t expect it to be freezing in the car, however I did hope to be comfortable. The first half fourth, it was truly nice, however the further south I went, the worse the heat plus humidity got. My air conditioner couldn’t keep up with the change in temperature. I pulled over at a rest stop plus I called our husband. I told him I was going to find a hotel plus stop for the night. When he asked about the car, I asked him if he had thought to look at the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. He said no plus wanted to know if I was having troubles. I laughed plus told him that I will when it gets a bit warmer. I told him how the a/c wasn’t working easily well. He said that I should pull over at the next repair station. He wanted me to have them fill the a/c with coolant. He had purchased the coolant plus forgot to put it in the car.

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