My membership allows me to use other gyms

I spend a lot of time traveling for work.

I am on the road more than two weeks out of the month. I rarely get more than a month with our family plus then the boss is sending me to another job site. Even though I spend a lot of time in hotels, I still assume it is severely important to maintain superb physical fitness. I joined a gym in our hometown that is part of a nationwide chain. The gym plus fitness center has more than 10,000 locations across the country. My membership level allows me to use other gyms at no cost. Even if I go to a peculiar gym everyday for a month, I do not have to pay any additional fees. I have full access to the same perks that I would enjoy at home. A few months ago, I was staying in the desert laboring on a construction project. I didn’t have a physical fitness center closeby, although I drove to the town more than two times each month so I could work out. It took 45 minutes to drive to the location, although I tried to take care of other errands when I went to the city. I used that time to choice up groceries, prescriptions, gas, plus other essentials necessary for the week. On 1 particular trip to the fitness center, I got stuck on the way back. I pulled over on the side of the road to videotape the sunset. The view was spectacular, but the ground was muddy plus soft from recent rain. I got stuck plus I had to call AAA to pull me out of the mud.