The ball dented the AC unit and heat pump

It was one of the craziest trick shots I’ve ever seen

Last weekend was beautiful and we had really nice weather that was warm and sunny. The kids were outside in the backyard with a couple of their friends. They were playing in the backyard while I was working in the garage. I had the back door open as well as the garage door. I wanted to be able to see and hear the kids. They were playing baseball and I told them to be careful. I didn’t want them to hit the ball over the fence and damage any of the neighbors’ homes. Some of our neighbors can be really cranky when they see the kids. I was right to be worried, but it turned out to be our home that received the damage. The kids hit the ball in just the right way. It traveled into the house and put a huge dent on the AC and heat pump cover. I was only an inch or two from the dent. The ball could have knocked me out cold or given me a concussion. It all happened so fast. The kids tried to run away, but I knew where the ball came from. I still have no idea how the kids managed to hit the ball into the house through the open door. It was one of the craziest trick shots I’ve ever seen. If we had a camera and a crew set up, the video would have had millions of views online. The cover to the machine was dented, but the AC and the heat pump equipment were actually fine.



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